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Stock Gift / Donations

On behalf of OCC, we thank you in advance for taking the time to consider our request for a donation.

As you know, Operation: Care and Comfort raises funds to help the military community through:
  • Direct contributions of funds and in kind donations and workplace donation campaigns
  • Public events and fund raisers with pro sports teams, golf tournament, and donation drives
  • Donations from foundations, companies and organizations
You can learn more about us here on our website or please call me directly at
1 (408) 373-8635 so that I can discuss with you how we effect the community.

Recently we have begun accepting shares of stock as a form of fundraising. The benefits to you as the donor are
outstanding, such as;
  • The donation is based on the gift value at time placed.
  • No Capital Gains associated when stock is sold
  • You get the full donation value to write off on your taxes.
    (Please consult your tax professional as individual situations may vary.)

To begin, a Letter of Authorization needs to be completed:

  • Enter Broker contact information (broker/brokerage whom holds securities)
  • Enter # of Shares you are donating
  • List Stock
  • Sign and Date
  • Fax, Mail, Email a copy to your Broker and also copy us so we can credit the donation appropriately
    • Non-Profit
    • Attn: Name
    • Email
    • Address
    • City, St, Zip
    • Fax: FAX

DOWNLOAD Letter of Authorization

As always, without your continued support we would not be able to help the military community! So on behalf of all those people you help touch, and Operation: Care and Comfort,

Thank you very much!!

Julie DeMaria
President, Operation: Care and Comfort
1(408) 373-8635
Federal Tax ID # 27-3116300